If your order includes CPAP masks, machines or heated humidifiers, we must have your prescription on file before we can ship your order. Please note that CPAP supplies and parts such as filters, tubing, water chambers, mask parts, cushions and pillows do not require a prescription.

You can provide your CPAP prescription in one of three ways:


=         Fax your prescription to us: 1-866-687-5337

=         Email your prescription to info@northernrespiratory.ca. 

                  NOTE: If you fax or email a prescription, please write your order number on your prescription.

                  A prescription for a standard CPAP must include a set pressure setting.

=         Mail your prescription to us at:

             Northern Respiratory Centre

             102-60 Champlain St.

             North Bay, ON, P1B 7M4

Please contact us directly if you are having trouble obtaining a prescription for your mask, machine or humidifier.