Northern Respiratory Centre is a full service CPAP supplier.  We carry CPAP and Bi-Level machines from Respironics, ResMed and Fisher & Paykel.  Products can be purchased in person at our office and through our online store in our "Products" section of the website. We are continually adding products to our website, so keep checking back for new items!

At Northern Respiratory Centre, we understand that having a good night's sleep is very important to our clients.  That's why we take the time required by each client to make sure they are comfortable with their mask and their CPAP equipment.  We offer No-Charge CPAP and BiPAP trials for new clients and very competitive pricing, free downloads and free advice.

Our products include:

  • Nasal Masks,
  • Nasal Pillows Masks
  • Full Face Masks
  • Filters
  • Tubing
  • Water Chambers
  • Accessories 

If you have any questions regarding your CPAP equipment, please contact us anytime. 

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