The EverFlo Q, a stationary, at-home concentrator, is the perfect match to the SimplyGo Mini portable concentrator.

The EverFlo offers an easy to access intake filter that only needs to be changed once every two years. It is compatible with most humidifier bottles, uses a durable metal oxygen port and includes a recessed 0.5LPM to 5LPM flow meter.

Features Include:

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Weighs less than 14kg (30lbs)
  • 0.5LPM to 5LPM continuous oxygen flow (0.5LPM to 3LPM when filling cylinders with UltraFill)
  • 93% +/- 3% oxygen purity at all flow rates
  • Less than 43dBA
  • Power consumption of 290W